The history of the winery began in 1959 when spearheaded Panagiotis Krokidas envisioned a unique business in Kryoneri Akrata. His fist motive was his personal need to create and his goal was to offer development to the region.

In a place diverse, with large vineyards, the Mountainous Aigialeia , the creation of this contemporary production unit was a significant moment in the history and development of the area.

Since 1975 the new Krokidas generation started its own rising course by promoting high quality and modernization. With continuous aim at development of the unit and improvement of the wine quality, Ioannis and Eustathios Krokidas, radically renovated the winery, making it functional and welcoming, while equipping it with contemporary winemaking and packaging machines, ensuring this way the best product quality.

Today, their footsteps are followed by the third generation, which in cooperation with the pioneers, continue the big efforts for modernization, and new ideas are targeted.